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ABOUT Yet Another Bird Box Cam

This site was founded at May 2005. Originally we had some old B/W door camera without any use of it. Installing it to bird box might be a nice idea, we considered. First we used a television set to watch picture, but very soon we moved signal to computer, mostly because of easier storing and reviewing of images and videos. After a couple of days one of our friends told us about www.ponttokamera.net, which was presented on the finnish television. Because of people's interests to watch what is happening in the bird box, we decided to publish our material in the internet too. That is why this site is Yet Another Bird Box Cam, YABBC.com.

First nesting started soon after the first install. After nesting had finished there has not been a lot of activities in the box.
At April 2006 we started the "new season". First we made some enhancements to hardware:
Here is a picture of the newly constructed Bird Box:

Those two LEGO bricks are used to build infrared based traffic counter. Click here to see the schematic diagram. Signal of I/R detector is transfered to Linux server, using the USB I/O24 II adapter. Detector daemon is written using C and it uses MySQL database to store traffic details.

Another new feature for this year is a side located camera, which is very close to the nest. Side cam is protected using strong plastic, as shown in the picture:

It is possible that we have to reconstruct this; first Tit has been very aggressive and has tried to break this camera! There has been many hours of hard knocking. After a week or two we will see which one will surrender.

Electric connections are made in the side cam housing and in the front of the box:

Top cam inside the box is installed traditionally:

In the Bird Box Console there is switch for side cam power, providing side light while picture is still taken from top cam. Another switch is for taking picture from side cam, while top cam is still providing light. Only one picture is captured to the camera server. This console also has interfaces to the internet server, providing possibility to create a web page which can contain Bird Box controlling selections for end users. This functionality is not done yet, but the concept is ready. We will produce this feature as soon as we can adjust the side cam to it's best focus (and it is still working...).
Also, if we can find cheap and good color camera for outdoor use, we will install it to provide picture from flying hole. This third camera can be controlled by an additional relay placed inside the side cam's housing.

to be continued...